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Featured Skateboard Day Camps and Private Skateboard Lessons- Summer 2014:

What is travel with All Star Adventures all about?

Our vacations...

allow you to explore a new country or region while enjoying a favorite sport like skiing, snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking.

Our Summer Camps...

give teens and kids an awesome experience that is not like your father's summer camp. No bunk rooms and singing Kumbayah down by the lake. We give you a chance to explore, to rip new lines in the backcountry, to skate new parks, to make new friends, and expand your horizons like no other summer camp for teens.

Bottom line: we offer real adventures for real people ready for an experience of a lifetime.

Do you want to ski backcountry lines in Argentina?

We've got a trip for you - (Click Here)

Do you want to step up your game in the snowboard park?

We've got a snowboard and ski camp in New Zealand to help you out. (Click Here)

Do you love skateboarding?

We've got a really cool summer camp tour you are going to love. (Click Here)

Looking for Private Skateboard Lessons? (Click Here to access the skateboard lessons directory)

We've been offering the unique All Star experience since 1999. For those looking for more than the typical adventure vacation, we offer a unique alternative – the opportunity to learn a new pastime (or develop an existing one) alongside an expert instructor while exploring a new region or country.

If you're looking for more than the average experience; join us for a skateboard camp, snowboard camp, ski camp, surf camp, or mountain bike tour!

We guide adventure camps in five sports worldwide:





skate camps

Our 2014 dates are online!

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2014 Skateboard Camp:

» Colorado Overnight Skate Camps
» Colorado Day Camp - Skateboard

2014 Snowboard Camp:

» New Zealand Snowboard Camps
» Argentina Snowboard Camps

2014 Ski Camp:

» New Zealand Ski Camps
» Argentina Ski Camps

During our 15 years of camps and instructional trips we have helped our guests discover new past-times and others develop intermediate and advanced skills in their favorite sports. Our special combination of top destinations and personalized instruction has led many of our clients to say that our adventure travel holidays and adventure vacations are ‘the trip of a lifetime’.


New Zealand Snowboard Camp

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